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        optical vender wloptical

        Contact US


        WLoptical Co., Ltd will contribute to prosperity of the automotive and the housing industries by developing our business, and will contribute to society and productive lives of our employees.

        Health: We believe that a sound mind is cultivated from a healthy body and that health is the foundation for everything: for the enjoyment of a stable and happy life, for the advancement of our own company, and for the progress of our society through our own individual contributions.

        Reliance: We believe that trusting and supporting one another is the basis of everything, and that trust stems naturally from our own work ethic, including: a commitment to working politely and respectfully with one another, a pervasive desire to increase our own efficiency and skill, and the continual dream of improving everything that we do. We trust one another because we all hold these values sacred.

        Harmony: We are proud of the friendly and cheerful workplace that we create each and every day. We follow the prescribed rules and evolve as our conscience guides us. We work as a team and succeed as a company. We instill into our work our own ideals. And we are thankful for the opportunity to do this.


        Company Address Room 608, Building A, Yitian Silicon Valley New City, High New Technology Zone, Changchun City, Jilin Province, China 130012
        Company Telphone 0086-015526823691
        Company Fax 0086-431-85820326
        Company Email wloptical@wloptical.com
        Company website http://www.dlspvip.com
        Company bank infomation

        BENEFICLARY'S NAME: Changchun Hengxin Opticelectric Technology Co.,Ltd.

        BENEFICLARY'S A/C NO: 2201 4007 4002 2050 1626
        BANK NAME: China Construction Bank, Jilin Branch, Changchun Development Zones Subbranch, NO.4988 Ziyou Road, CHANGCHUN CITY CHINA
        General department Luke Pang luke@wloptical.com
        Market department Eric Zhou market@wloptical.com
        Market department Alisa Yu sales@wloptical.com
        Account department Harry Lee info@wloptical.com
        Coating department Tom Liu coating@wloptical.com