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        optical vender wloptical

        Optical Design










        Wloptical Co., Ltd is an optical design company, we can provides the following optical components: Telescope, Microscope, Camera & digital cameral lens, Enlarging lens and tele, Centric lens, Projection lens, Projection lens, Illumination lens, Spherical & aspherical lens, Scanner lens and so on.

        Application of different lens

        Civil: large sport squre, large meeting room, city environment protective, whole figure of night view in a city, city fire control forest fire control, large work squre control, supervise the staff guage in a river, large fishery , supervise high way , city light control .

        Military: border , sea border control, cannon aim, changed lens used in submarine, supervise in a nobody plane optical radar trace, missile trace.

        Night latch: oil factory iron factoryforder no light controlchanged lens used in night latch.

        Near photo lens: display lens.

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